The Pop Up Dog Cafe

How do you launch and online business and make a statement? In the middle of a global pandemic?  During the crummy part of spring when you don't know if the weather will be good? And you're basically a one woman operation...  You consult your girl gang, and make it happen. That's how.

And, yes. I have a girl gang.  A supportive group of women, who coincidentally are mostly dog moms also, who collaborate, are cheerleaders, and who empower each other in business and in life.

Back to the Dog Cafe.  We chose a Pop Up Dog Cafe because it really hadn't been done in this area, and because there are so many play on words to be had... I mean, hello pupcakes!!

I got in touch with my first stockist, and we took over the outdoor space beside the store.  It really was the perfect event (although it was cold) to say hello to my local community of Dog Moms and Dog Dads, and provide a space where they could treat their pups, and we could just have fun together.  It was so exciting to check the Downtown Sidewalk for dogs approaching, or spot a doggo and his parents at the crosswalk waiting to cross the street!  And when the first stranger came by!  Also exciting for me! I did so many happy dances that day, literally, and figuratively.

We had pugaccinos, pupcakes, a pet photographer for pup-arazzi, doggie bags, and of course, matching bandanas, bow ties and scrunchies, plus the greeting cards.  It was a great event and dog friendly celebration, just weeks before our latest lockdown came into effect, here in Ontario.  Now here I am, still in lockdown, planning future events for us dog parents and dog people, not knowing when or where we'll be able to be together again.  But trust me, I have a few pawsome ideas, that are super fun! 

Until then, there's social media.  I'm into tiktoks and instagram reels these days, keeping smiles on faces, and keeping in touch with our amazing community.

See you on the socials.

Hazel at The Dog Shop

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