Newfoundland Provincial Tartan Bow Tie

Newfoundland Provincial Tartan Bow Tie

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Missing your Newfoundland roots? This collection is for you! Your dog can show their (and your) Newfie pride with a Newfoundland Tartan bandana!

"The official tartan of Newfoundland and Labrador was designed in 1955 by a St. John's business owner, Samuel B. Wilansky. Its striking green, gold and white design was inspired by the poem "Ode to Newfoundland," which references the province's "pine-clad hills" and wintertime "cloak of shimmering white."" (

Our bow ties slide over the collar, so you can wear it on your good side, plus you’ll barely even know it’s there!  Perfect for a photo op, or ya know, a day that ends in ‘y’, a Dog Shop bow tie brings out the best in everyone.  Approximate bow tie measurements are 3.25 inches tall, 4.5 inches wide.  All Dog Shop bow ties are handcrafted in Canada with love and attention to detail.

Machine wash cold, air dry flat.