Kuli Scrunchie

Kuli Scrunchie

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This is Kuli.  Is it trees? Stars? Flowers? This waxed cotton chitenge fabric was purchased in a local market in Zambia.  Kitenge or Chitenge is worn in West, East and Central Africa, similar to a sarong.  Zambia, in Central Africa, more specifically, the village of Chipembi hold a place dear to my heart.  My friends in Chipembi are trailblazers in child education for girls and education advocacy.  To purchase a Kitenge item is to support the continued efforts of these important initiative. 100% Cotton.

Kuli means “Dog” in Tonga.

Whether it’s in your hair, or on your wrist, every dog mom should match their dog!  Complete your overall look with a perfectly coordinated scrunchie. Dog Mom hair, don’t care!