Newfoundland Provincial Tartan Bandana

Newfoundland Provincial Tartan Bandana

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Missing your Newfoundland roots? This collection is for you! Your dog can show their (and your) Newfie pride with a Newfoundland Tartan bandana!  This collection will be available in the coming weeks.

"The official tartan of Newfoundland and Labrador was designed in 1955 by a St. John's business owner, Samuel B. Wilansky. Its striking green, gold and white design was inspired by the poem "Ode to Newfoundland," which references the province's "pine-clad hills" and wintertime "cloak of shimmering white."" (

All bandanas feature Kam Snaps, so you can snap to fasten, or tie and snap for a smaller fit.  All Dog Shop bandanas are handcrafted in Canada with love and attention to detail.

Machine wash cold, air dry flat